Middle Grade novels

BouncedScholastic, 2017

If mystery, adventure, and the occasional crocodile on the loose are your thing a new novel is on its way to you! Watch here for updates.

Speed (The Seven Prequels)Orca Book Publishers, 2016

How can you liven up a boring camping trip with your grandpa and your younger brother? Lose the new cell phone you weren’t supposed to bring with you.

Spencer finds more than he was looking for as he dodges a War of 1812 reenactment, a student film crew, an old flame of Grandpa’s, a crooked history buff, and Laura Secord’s cowbell: a first taste of independence and maybe a glimpse of his future – by way of the past.

The third installment of Seven is “prequels”: stories that happened before the first two, when the boys were twelve and thirteen and Grandpa was there with them. Watch for Seven author events near you and at OLA!

Hope Springs A Leak – Red Deer Press, 1998

Sam Foster is hopelessly in love with his Grade Six teacher. But how can he hope to stand out when the whole town of Hope Springs is filled with eccentrics?

A CCBC Our Choice title; nominated for the Silver Birch and Hackmatack awards.

The Monkey Mountain series – Red Deer Press

The concerns of the very different kids in Room Nine overlap even more than they realize as each book in the series looks at their lives through the eyes of a different character. Sometimes joyous, sometimes moving, these novels of school, friendship and family are filled with humour tempered by real life. Strong as stand-alones, the stories take on added depth when read in sequence.

CCBC Our Choice selections.